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Security anti-theft alarm let citizens infrared household more harmonious


With the development of science and technology, previously the sort of artificial surveillance cameras with visible, video and combination of daily safety mages already no longer use! Especially in the night and weather conditions of prevention ability more!

In the case of the infrared thermography, video and alarm system will appear! This system is based on the refrigeration infrared thermography or visible cameras and other hardware system, adopting infrared optical imaging, video/composite image processing and automatic analysis of related software and alarm, video monitoring system of existing good weather monitoring, afterwards forensics artificial function, raise the conditions for exemption for round-the-clock nursing, computer automatic real-time alarm function. System can be at night or weather conditions (such as heavy fog, etc), can not only save you a lot of human, and can be realized when the day all-weather real-time alarm. Not only the video monitoring system, but also raise the security system of automatic identification, automatic alarm related automation degree!

The refrigeration infrared thermography hardware system is a kind of used to detect target objects, and the infrared radiation by photoelectric signal processing methods, and the temperature distribution of the target object image converted into video image of high-tech products, the core technology and device for focal plane array detector and subsequent circuit, image processing software, etc. Focal plane array detector is used to perceive the object, the temperature distribution and converted to faint signals, Subsequent circuit will faint signals for electronics, amplification and logical processing, thus can clearly acquisition to target temperature distribution, Image processing software for the amplification of the output signal processing for the object, the temperature distribution of optical image. The infrared thermography according to the core part of the work, in different ways, probe into the infrared thermography can refrigeration type infrared thermography and refrigeration type infrared thermography.

Video digitizing, network alarm system is based on the video monitor and control of computer vision technology based on the video image scene analysis, extraction of key information, and corresponding events and alarm monitor mode, a new generation of video content analysis based on monitoring alarm system. It can automatically video image of target identification and tracking and monitoring and analysis, and through the computer program automatically filtered out of users, the video surveillance video doesn't care. Through the analysis and understanding of the video images, to provide users with alarm useful for monitoring the key information. Thus, video alarm analysis technology has changed the traditional video monitoring passive acceptance feeling mode, passive to active to monitor real-time video footage of the site and analysis. In this project, video surveillance system is mainly have illegally into alarm functions, reverse road (walking) alarm functions, organic alarm functions, wandering alarm function and infrared and visible image fusion, image enhancement, image to the target lock, and tracking function.

Infrared alarm principle

Infrared alarm into active infrared alarm and passive infrared alarm, infrared detector is initiative invasion by the transmitter and receiver and transmitter is composed by power, light and optical system is composed by optical system, receiver, photoelectric sensors, amplifiers, signal processing, etc. Active infrared alarm is a kind of infrared beams in the shade of alarm, infrared light emitting diode transmitter in the power, through a bundle of modulation (the infrared beam of light wavelengths about 0.8-0.95 microns), optical system function into parallel light emitted. The beam is received, the receiver by the receiver and the light electrcal sensor signals converts signal, after processing circuit to alarm controller. The infrared emission from the transmitter to prevent area by receiver, constitute a cordon. Under normal circumstances, the receiver receive a stable optical signals, when someone invasion, the infrared beam is alarming shade, infrared receiver receive signals change, this change, the enlargement and appropriate processing, the alarm signal controller. The two alarm, three-beam beam and the infrared beam fence, etc. Commonly used in the perimeter prevention, the biggest advantage is the prevention of distance, can achieve passive infrared detection distance of more than ten times.

Passive infrared alarm is mainly based on infrared energy outside to judge whether someone in the movement. The infrared energy and environment of human body, when people have difference by detecting area, the alarm collection of the different infrared energy, and through the analysis of the position variation alarm. Humans have a constant temperature, generally about 37 degrees in a specific wavelengths about 10 mu m, passive infrared alarm of infrared detection of human body is launched by around 10 mu m and infrared. Human launch 10 mu m around the infrared through the Fresnel filters enhance infrared sensor source after gathered. Infrared sensor source usually adopts pyroelectric components, the elements of the human body in infrared radiation temperature changes will lose charge balancing, to release charge, after the test circuit can produce alarm signal.

Passive infrared alarm is 1 to detect human radiation target, so pyroelectric components of wavelength for 10 mu m around the infrared radiation must be very sensitive to them.

2 for the ir radiation on human body only, it is sensitive to the radiation to confront usually covered with special Fresnel filters, make the environment by the interference of the obvious.

3 the sensor consists of two mutually series or parallel pyroelectric components. But the two electric polarization direction made contrary, environmental background radiation heat release of two elements have the same effect, almost causes of pyroelectric detector, then offsets the effect no signal output.

4 once people intrusion detection area, infrared radiation through part of human, and focusing mirror heat-releasing yuan receiving, but two pyroelectric yuan